Hi, my name is Yelks.
I'm a SourcePawn Developer.

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Experience: 7 years of managing and developing game servers, especially in Team Fortress 2.

Programming Languages: Sourcepawn, C++, C#, JavaScript, MySQL, HTML, PHP, Python.

Other interesting information: I helped a lot of people who messed with coding, and I have developed +50 plugins, so I am one of the most active sourcemod coders for now.

For Possible Clients: Payment via CSGO/TF2 Keys or CSGO/TF2 items (30% overpay). Unfortunately, I am not accepting paypal payment anymore.

What's next? If you buy a plugin, you will have access to updates and support for free, You will have source code access and you will receive the specific files in Discord.


[ANY] Fake Queries

Trick players into joining your server with fake server queries. For instance, the player amount in the picture shows 56/78, while the server is completely empty.

See Live Source Code

[TF2] WarPaints

This plugin allows players to set any existing warpaint on their weapons.

See Live Source Code

[TF2] Unusual Taunts

This plugin allows players to apply unusual taunt effects while taunting! The Unusual Taunts Menu is fully updated by reading TF2 Schema every MapStart. Since items_game.txt doesn't have any information about the effect's names, I decided to go directly to the WebApi and fetch these names from there.

See Live Source Code

[TF2] VIPCore (70$)

Contains unusual hats, unusual taunts, australiums, killstreaks, sheens, trails, item painting, taunt menu, weapon resize & weapon colors. REQUIRES MySQL/SQLite.

[TF2] Give-Hat (35$)

As it says, it's a plugin that provides the ability to give a player any existing hat in the game.

[ANY] Homing Bullets (35$)

Same as many aimbot plugins online, but this plugin only messes with bullets. Shooting a bullet while seeing a target will provide 100% hit (silent aim).

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